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Philodendron Gloriosum 100cm

€ 150,00 (inclusief btw)
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These Gloriosum plants grow in our greenhouse, to reach the hight of 4 feet takes about 3 years.

These are beautiful lange plants with leaves that are around 24" wide and 32" long HUGE!

The picture is one of our motherplants. You buy a rooted cutting from one of these plants that look the same and has a minimum of 2 leaves. They are grown in 19cm pots and around 2.5 to 3 feet high.

For export outside EU: Leaves could damage with export, we prefer to ship these plants outside the EU without the leaves, it sounds sad but leaves will grow back within a month and will be just as big as shown in the picture. If you choose to have this plant shipped with the leaves we will not be held responsible for damage to the leaves as they are so fragile.

If temperatures are lower then 8 Celsius (Day & night) do not forget to add a heatpack.

If you are outside the EU do not forget to add a Phytolicense without it we cannot send your plant.

Plants shipped outside the EU are shipped bareroot.

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