Jewel Orchids

Jewel Orchids

Hello You probably landed on this page due to that Kaylee Ellen placed a video on her youtube channel on Juli 17th 2020of her making a little Jewel Orchid Terrarium.We loved the video so much and we are hoping that this will brack a hype for these beautiful and preciuos and Cute little plants.

You Go Kaylee Ellen we love your video's!

We will work on this page all weekend so you can buy these little plants also in our schop as we grown them in our greenhouse it will be ready on Sunday Juli 19th 2020

Untill then enjoy the video from Kaylee Ellen on her youtube Channel: 

What are Jewel Orchids?

They are tiny rare orchids that have the most beautiful colors, especially the stripes and markings on the leaves, they almost look painted on, Here is a picture of the:  Macodes sanderiana "Rolfe 1896"





I work together with a grower who specializes only in these rare jewel Orchids and

I made these pictures in the greenhouse (The picture below is unfiltered and my hand is pink as the lights in the greenhouse does this when you make pictures I will make some new ones the next time when I am there)

We sell the little Jewel Orchids seperate and as a set together with a terrarium as a DIY package so you can make your own Jewel Terrarium.

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