Are you outside the EU and would you like to have one or more of our plants?


Are you in the EU and you need to export plants outside the EU?

We have all the correct paperwork to Export & Import plants to or from anywhere in the world!

If you are interested please contact us by email: Dutchflowerlady@gmail.com with "Export" in the subject line

or call: +31-40-7370008 We are open Monday through Friday 12.00 till 18.00 European time

For export we have many plants available such as:

  • Monstera Variegata
  • Philodendron White Princess
  • Philodendron Gloriosum Jumbo
  • Alocasia Azlanii
  • Philodendron Verrucosum
  • Philodendron Melanochrysum

And many more! Please email us for the assortment if you would like to use our export program!

Please read below facts about our Export process:

About Dutch Flower Lady Export

Dutch Flower Lady Export is a plant export service located in Eindhoven The Netherlands. We ship plants with phytosanitary certificates all over the world with DHL, FedEx, UPS and for large shipments we use a shipping company that ships with controlled temperature shipping by plane. Dutch Flower Lady is a registered exporter of rare and tropical plants and complies with all relevant laws and regulations.

How do I order?

Choose the plants you want to order and add them to your cart. Please note that the Phytolicense is not attached to your order if you are outside the EU. Once you have everything, select your cart and review your order. We accept payment with most major cards or Ideal. Once you pay for your order, your plants are reserved. We will be in touch within 48 hours with details of shipping date, estimated delivery date, any additional shipping costs (phytolicense and Inspection, etc.)

How are plants shipped? What are shipping charges?

If you order on the website for most countries you will be charged a flat shipping fee. We will contact you after you ordered your plants so we can make a schedule for your shipment and make appointments with our inspection company that supplies us with the Phytolicense, The extra fees for the Inspection and Phytolicense starts at €150.- plus the extra shipping fees if you have a large order. The extra fees can be transferred to our bank or we can make a special button on our website so you can pay easily with your credit card. For large orders we can also make for you a bill/factuur with transfer instructions to our bank. Plants that will be shipped outside the EU are shipped once the inspection is done and the plant/s received their phytolicense. After inspection we clear the plants of all soil and pack the root systems with sphagnum moss or water-gel.

We ship mostly with DHL because although it is somewhat expensive, we have good success with deliveries as they are fast, usually 2-3 days to anywhere in the world. Having the shortest possible delivery time is the best way to ensure that plants arrive in the best possible condition.

How do you pack plants for shipping?

Plants are shipped bare root, wrapped in moist medium (sphagnum), placed in a plastic bag and sealed with elastic bands so that the roots remain moist during transit. The plants are then wrapped in tissue paper, and placed snuggly in a box that is packed with additional loose paper so that the plants are secure.

Do you have order minimums?


Do I need a permit to order plants?

For most countries you do not need an import license if you order less then 12 plants. Simply place your order on our website and we will take care of all the paperwork after you pay for the inspection and phytolicense, The Phytolicense is not added in shoppingcart! This is an added fee and you will be invoiced by email after your order, The fee for an Phytolicense in The Netherlands is €150.00

If you want to order more than 12 plants you will need a plant import permit, contact your country custom office for information. We need this permit before we can ship your order. For most countries this is a lengthy process so please contact your local customs office before ordering more than 12 plants on our website.

All plants require a phytosanitary certificate for export outside the EU. We provide this document for all orders.

Note on shipping to countries outside the EU

For shipments outside of the EU, additional taxes, such as VAT, or costs (e. g. customs duties) may be added to your order, which are not paid via us or which will not be invoiced by us, but are payable by you directly to the relevant customs or tax authorities. In some countries you will also need an Import License to import plants. Please contact these authorities for details before placing an order as we are not responsible for packages that will be kept for an extended time when you do not have the correct paperwork in order to Import plants.

Are there are addtional customs duties?

While customs duties are your responsibility, we can advise that for US customers there are no duties payable on orders under €800.- for other countries you should contact your local customs office

What condition will my plant arrive in?

Ordering plants internationally requires that plants be shipped bare root. It is important that customers are aware of this, and that they also understand that sometimes your plant may need a week or two to recover from having soil stripped from it's roots and being shipped. Most orders arrive with only minimal issues from shipping, and are ready to be potted within 1-7 days and resume growth quickly. It is normal that your plant may have some brown or yellow leaves, leaf damage from transport, or some degree of root rot. See the information below on how to care for your plant once it arrives, as well as our refund policies.

How do I take care of my plant once it arrives?

We recommend trimming off any dead or dying foliage, removing any dead roots, and placing your plants in a jar so that the roots sit in water for 1-7 days (Change water every day) to give them a little time to recover before potting. If your plant looks fine you can pot them in a good quality potting soil. If your plant is struggling or is showing any significant signs of root rot or dying foliage, keep your plant in the jar of water for a few more days to allow the plant to recover. In the unlikely case that your plant has serious issues with root rot, leave your plant in the jar of water until new roots start emerging before potting.

When potting your plant use a good quality potting mix that has good drainage and choose an appropriate size container.

Make sure you research how to care for your plant in your region. It can be difficult for us to recommend how customers from vastly different areas should care for their plants. For many customers, using a humidifier, humidity dome or other measures to increase humidity around their plants has proven helpful.

What are your guarantees?

  • We guarantee that our plants are in good health when shipped
  • We guarantee that our plants are properly packed for shipping
  • We guarantee that our plants will pass all phytosanitary inspections
  • We guarantee that we will provide all the proper documentation required by customs

If there are issues as a result of our failure to meet these guarantees, we will work out a resolution with you. This is typically partial replacement of your order, store credit, or refund depending on the circumstances. We may not be able to offer replacement in some cases.

For shipments outside of the EU, additional taxes, such as VAT, or costs (e.g. customs duties) may be added to your order, which are not paid via us or which will not be invoiced by us, but are payable by you directly to the relevant customs or tax authorities. In some countries you will also need an Import License to import plants. Please contact these authorities for details before placing an order as we are not responsible for packages that will be kept for an extended time when you do not have the correct paperwork in order to Import plants.

What is not covered by your guarantee?

  • Damage caused by customs or phytosanitary inspectors
  • Damage to plants caused by excessive delay in customs
  • Failed delivery due to improper address information, or due to the fault of DHL (note: our deliveries are insured by DHL)
  • Extended hold by customs in your country as that is out of control from us or DHL Express, Packages can be picked out by customs for extensive inspection which can take upto 90 days.

We cannot guarantee the plant will survive once it is in your care

None of these are typically a problem, but we want to be clear to our customers that there exists some risk beyond our control due to our reliance on customs and shipping personal

Our goal is to have happy, satisfied customers, and we make our best efforts to resolve any issues that arise with a customer's order.

Please make sure you research the plant you are buying based on the pictures shown in the product description.

What payment methods do you accept? My card is not working / payment problems

We are currently accepting payment through our website shoppingcart with Credit cards, Ideal payments and banktransfers. We do not accept Paypal for payments.

How do I contact you?

If you have any questions not covered here, contact us at dutchflowerlady@gmail.com and put “export” in the subject line.

What happens if my order is inspected by customs?

Some of our orders are inspected by customs. This is completely normal. It is an expected part of ordering plants internationally. We provide all the legal documents and follow all the regulations so that your plants will pass inspections.

Usually when a package is chosen for inspection it will be placed on hold somewhere for a few days pending inspection. This has not been a big issue so far, and recently orders that were delayed by inspections were delivered 7-10 days after being shipped. We have been told that it is possible for customs to hold packages for long periods, but so far this has not happened to any of our packages.

Can I see pictures of the plant I am ordering?

Yes of course! We will send you an email within 48 hours after you order with pictures of the actual plants that we will be shipping. For most plants we have for sale on our website you can already choose the plant as they have numbers and you will get the plant pictured on the website. For large orders we will make a video and pictures which we will send by whatsapp if needed.

When your order comes in, we immediately reserve the best plant we have in stock for you (If it’s not a numbered plant). Don't worry, our team has a lot of experience picking plants.

When you are shopping on our site, please keep in mind that the pictures and descriptions of plants on our website are representative of the type of plant you will be receiving.

We are sorry, but we cannot provide pictures of all our plants in order to let customers choose each plant for their order. We have tried this in the past and it just didn't work out and its very time consuming.

When will my order be shipped?

We will email you within 48 hours of receiving your order with details of when we expect your order to ship. Typically, orders received for export are shipped within 1-2 weeks depending on Inspection appointments that need to be made, each shipment is different.

In some cases we may have to hold off shipping due to circumstances beyond our control. For instance, if it is too cold to ship to your area we will ship as soon as the weather permits.

What if my package is damaged during shipping?

All our packages are insured. In the rare event that your package is damaged during shipping, we will make a claim on your behalf. While we cannot guarantee that your claim will be approved, so far the insurer has provided appropriate reimbursement whenever we have made a claim. It can take anywhere from 1-6 weeks for the insurer to assess your claim.

Customers may be asked by Dutch Flower Lady Export, DHL or the insurer to provide additional information to assist with the insurance claim. Any funds recovered by Dutch Flower Lady Export from the insurance claim will be reimbursed to our customer.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

For most plants yes, but due to the rarity of the plants that we sell, we cannot offer for all plants wholesale pricing.


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