Christmas Sale

On this page you see no pictures of the plants this is because you can only see the plants on our live feed on Instagram. Every day on a non disclosed time from 16th December till 31st December we are live on Instagram where we will show you the plants. Each plant has a number and it will be the plant that will be shipped to you.

Go to our livefeed on Instagram CLICK HERE we will show all kinds of plants, Yes also Rare Plants! Some plants will be sold at bottom prices, so if you collect plants now it's the time to start to follow us on Instagram!

Plants will be shipped without a heatpack so if you would like to have your plant protected against the cold, what is advisable, please purchase also a heatpack below

If you live outside the EU please add also a phytolicense also for sale here on the sale page.

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  • Heatpack 100 uur
    Heatpack 100 uur

    Heatpacks 100 uur

    Koop samen met uw plant/en tijdens de koude maanden een heatpack erbij. Wij raden dit aan als de nacht temperatuur onder de 8 graden celsius is. Het is een klein kacheltje dat de binnenkant van de doos warm…

    € 4,95
  • Phytolicense


    Yes plants need a passport too!

    If you live outside the EU and you are ordering plants from us you will need to buy this phytolicense with your purchase otherwise we cannot ship your plants, The cost is high,…

    € 150,00
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