Monstera Variegata

Monstera Variegata

We grow our own Monstera Variegata plants in our own greenhouse for our clients.

Our motherplants are 30 years old and give us a variety of leaves, from marbled, half moon and sometimes full moon leaves. This is hard to predict and it is always very exiting to see new leaves form on our plants. We propogate our Monstera Variegata plants with a minimum of 3 leaves and let them grow untill they form a new leave to ensure that they are healthy and that they are growing so they can be shipped to you our customer. We grow our Monstera Variegata plants in 12cm potsize.

We ship our Monstera Variegata plants all over the world! If you are outside the EU you will need a phytolicense for us to be able to ship your plants to you, please do not forget to add the phytolicense if you need one.

​All plants are carefully packed and shipped with DPD/DHL/UPS Express, worldwide this does not take longer then 72 hours.

We do not ship Monstera Variegata plants above 25 Celsius/77F or under 8 Celsius/46F at night as the leaves from the plants will turn brown or they will not survive these temperatures, even when we ship with a heatpack... If you do buy one of these plants in these temperatures we will hold your order untill it is safe to ship.

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  • 10 Monstera Variegata Plants
    10 Monstera Variegata Plants

    If you are outside the EU please purchase a Phytolicense with your order we cannot ship without it. We only ship when temperatures by us and by you the buyer are between: 8 Celsius and 25 Celsius, 46F and 77F, those are…

  • Phytolicense


    Yes plants need a passport too!

    If you live outside the EU and you are ordering plants from us you will need to buy this phytolicense with your purchase otherwise we cannot ship your plants, The cost is high,…

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