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Mistletoe berries for planting

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20 Mistletoe berries, Grow your own Mistletoe in your trees!

Kissing under the Mistletoe is a centuries long tradition around the Holidays like Christmas and the New Year.

Would it be nice to grow your own Mistletoe on your trees in the Backyard?

Or maybe you are an Orchard with apple trees and want also business in the winter? This is a great addition as Mistletoe grows on apple trees

We have from our Mistletoe every year also berries that you can plant on your trees, the inventory is only available a short time as the berries are only available in the cold winter months so when they are gone you will need to wait till next year.

After arrival of your berries:

Do not wait too long with the planting of the berries as they will dry out and the sticky juice in the berries is what is needed to plant them on the trees, so this is not seeds that you can keep in storage. You could keep them in a refrigerator for a couple weeks if necessary.

Look for a tree where you can plant your berries on, it is very easy, the berries are very sticky and wil stay on the bark of a tree by themselves just by smudging them on the bark. The branch is best as it is not old wood so pick a branch that is young. Smudge the berries on the shadow side of a branch on the side, not on top as they could rain of.

Mistletoe is a parasite that can grow on many trees, we grow them on Apple and Pear trees.

Mistletoe grows very slow.

The first year you will only see that the berry attached to the tree with 2 little legs that are attached to the bark, each year after that it will grow faster. To get a large ball from around 60cm in diameter can take up to 20 years but do not be discouraged as you will have a small ball within 5 years.

See all foto’s attached to this page and soon we will also have a video that explains the whole process.

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