Wholesale Mistletoe

Wholesale Mistletoe bunches and Berries for planting

We take orders for fresh mistletoe bunches and berries for planting year-round, Our Mistletoe is harvested last week of November and early December and shipped to you 1st week of December to make sure that the Mistletoe is fresh and lasts till Christmas/New Year as it is a perishable product. Berries are shipped starting first week of January till sold out. 

Mistletoe is sold in packages of 12 bunches with silk red ribbon branches are around 30cm long and each bunch has around 3-5 stems depending on size. We also have complete crowns that are directly cut from the trees, size around 60cm in diameter.

Upon arrival at your location: Keep it at cold temperatures in a refridgerator or keep it outside (If you live in a cold area around 5 Celsius to assure it doesn't spoil. Do not keep it in high temperatures, the branches will dry out.

Please note: The berries on the mistletoe branches are poisonous so keep away from Children and animals.

We ship our mistletoe to countries in the EU only with DPD/DHL or UPS Express shipping.

We are glad to also take custom orders that can accomadate your needs please contact us for bespoke orders.

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  • Complete Mistletoe Ball
    Complete Mistletoe Ball

    Complete Mistletoe Ball

    Mistletoe Ball will be Ca. 60cm/30" inch in diameter.

    Order year-round, Mistletoe gets harvested End of November, shipping starts immidiatly thereafter.

    € 99,95
  • 10 Mistletoe Bunches
    10 Mistletoe Bunches

    10 Mistletoe bunches with red silk ribbon

    Order year-round, bunches get harvested mid November, shipping starts immidiatly thereafter.

    € 39,95
  • Mistletoe berries for planting
    Mistletoe berries for planting

    20 Mistletoe berries, Grow your own Mistletoe in your trees!

    Kissing under the Mistletoe is a centuries long tradition around the Holidays like Christmas and the New Year.

    Would it be nice to grow your own Mistletoe on your…

    € 9,95
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